International Advisory Board of the “Night” Holocaust Memorial Project

Prof. Alan L. Berger, Chairman

    Roddock Family Eminent Chair in Holocaust Studies, Florida Atlantic University.

    Director, Center for the Study of Values and Violence after Auschwitz.

    Member of the Readers Committee for The Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest.

       Crisis and Convenant: The Holocaust in American Jewish Fiction. (States University of NY Press) (1985).

         Children of Job: American Second-Generation Witnesses to the Holocaust, (Foreword by Elie Wiesel). (States University of NY Press) (1997).

       Second-Generation Voices: Reflections by Children of Holocaust Survivors and Perpetrators  (co-edited w/Naomi Berger) (Syracuse University Press) (2001).

         Post Holocaust Jewish/Christian Dialogue: After the Flood, before the Rainbow (Lexington Books (2015).

         Elie Wiesel - Messenger for Peace (contracted with Routledge Press - due April 3, 2017).

Prof. Victoria Aarons

    O.R. and Eva Mitchell Distinguished Professor of Literature, Chair of Dept. of English, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas.

       Third-Generation Holocaust Representation: Trauma, History, and Memory. with A.L. Berger (Northwestern UP) (2017).

       Third-Generation Holocaust Narratives: Memory in Memoir and Fiction. (Lexington Books,) (2016).

         A Genre of Rupture: The Literary language of the Holocaust.” in Companion to Holocaust Literature. Ed. Jenni Adams. Continuum, (2014).

        Memory, Conscience, and the Moral Weight of Holocaust Representation.” in Ethics, Art, and Representations of the Holocaust: Eds. J. Golomb, C. Gould, 

        and S. Gigliotti. (Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield) (2013).

        The Trauma of History in The Gates of the Forest.” in Elie Wiesel: Jewish, Literary, and Moral Perspectives. Eds. S. Katz and A. Rosen. (Indiana University Press) (2013).

Madam Gemma Cruz Araneta

   A descendant of Jose Rizal — the Philippine hero who is credited with ending Spanish colonial rule. Rizal was executed at age 37 at Fort Santiago, Manila —

   the only hero of the Philippines for whom a shrine has been erected. He is remembered by a national hero's day and the province of Luzon island is named

   after him. 

   Madam Gemma Cruz Araneta has authored seven books:

  •        Makisig, the Little Hero of Mactan
  •        Hanoi Diary: Beauty and Fashion for the Filipina (co-author)
  •        Sentimiento: Fiction and Nostalgia
  •        Katha at Salamisim
  •        El Galeón de Manila: Un Mar de Historias (co-author)
  •        Stones of Faith
  •        Rizal's True Love

Madame Ute Bertram

Member of The German Bundestag.

The Bundestag Committee on Culture and the Media.

The Bundestag Committee on Health.

Secretary of the 18th Legislative Period of the Bundestag.

Eliah Sakakushev-von Bismarck

Artistic Director of Villa Seligmann - The House of Jewish Music in Hannover, Germany. International solo cellist - the Auckland Philharmonia (New Zealand), the Orquestra Sinfonica do Estado de São Paulo (Brazil), the Regensburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga in Spain. Art music producer and festival director.

Prof. Reinhold Boschki

     Abt. Religionspädagogik Kath.-Theol. Fakultät, Universität Tübingen.

     Since 2006 - Professorial Chair at the Seminar for Religious Pedagogy, Religious Adult Education and Homiletics -

     Roman Catholic Faculty of the University of Bonn.

     PhD under the direction of Elie Wiesel.

        Elie Wiesel: Den Frieden feiern. Mit einer Vorrede von Václav Havel (Herausgabe und Übersetzung), (Herder) (1991).

        Trotzdem hoffen. Im Gespräch mit Johann Baptist Metz und Elie Wiesel (zus. mit Ekkehard Schuster) Mainz (Grünewald) (1993).

        Der Schrei. Gott und Mensch im Werk von Elie Wiesel (Reihe Literatur und Theologie, Bd. 3; veröffentlichte Version der Dissertation) Mainz (Grünewald) (1994).

         Das Gegenteil von Gleichgültigkeit ist Erinnerung“ – Versuche zu Elie Wiesel (hg. zus. mit Dagmar Mensink) Mainz (Grünewald) (1995).

         Esperar a Pesar de Todo. Johann Baptist Metz, Elie Wiesel. Conversaciones con E. Schuster y R. Boschki, (spanische Ausgabe von „Trotzdem hoffen“) Madrid (1996).

       Kultur Allein ist Nicht Genug. Das Werk Elie Wiesels als Herausforderung für Religion und Gesellschaft heute (hg. zus. mit Dagmar Mensink) Münster (Lit) (1998).

         Hope Against Hope. Johann Baptist Metz and Elie Wiesel. Speak Out on the Holocaust (Amerikanische Ausgabe von „Trotzdem hoffen“) New York (1999).

         Vier Generationen Nach Auschwitz. Wie ist Erinnerungslernen heute noch möglich? (hg. zus. mit Wilhelm Schwendemann), Münster (Lit) (2009).

Prof. Mary C. Boys

    Dean of Academic Affairs and Skinner & McAlpin Professor of Practical Theology at Union Theological Seminary, New York.

    Formerly Professor of Religious Education at Boston College for 17 years.

    Awarded Honorary Doctorates from four major academic institutions and significant contributor to interfaith dialogue.

Madame Edelgard Bulmahn

    Vice-President of the German Bundestag (2013-present).

    German Federal Minister of Education and Research 1998-2005).

    Chairwoman of the Bundestag committee of Economics & Technology (2005-2009).

    Member of the Bundestag Committee on Foreign Affairs (2009-2013).

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover

    Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry (2004)

    Distinguished Research Professor in the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine & Research Institute at the Technion Institute, Haifa, Israel.

    Member of the Israel Academy of Sciences & Humanities, The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Philip A. Cunningham

     Professor of Theology (specializing in Christian-Jewish Relations).

    Director of the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations of Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA.    

    President of the International Council of Christians and Jews (2014-2017).

    Advisory Committee on Catholic-Jewish Relations for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

    Secretary-Treasurer, Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations (2000 - present)

    Director, Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations of Saint Joseph's University (2008-present)

    Executive Director, Center for Christian-Jewish Learning, Boston College (2000-2007)

    Director of the Ministry Institute, Notre Dame College (1991-2000)

    Author of numerous book and articles:

       Seeking Shalom: The Journey to Right Relationship between Catholics and Jews (Eerdmans Publishing, 2015). 

       Christ Jesus and the Jewish People Today: New Explorations of Theological Interrelationships (co-edited with

       Joseph Sievers, Mary Boys, Hans Hermann Henrix, and Jesper Svartvik), (Eerdmans Publishing, 2011).

       The Catholic Church and the Jewish People: Recent Reflections from Rome. Co-editor (New York: Fordham Univ. Press, 2007).

Prof. Alan  M. Dershowitz

    Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, Emeritus.

    Author of 30 fiction and non-fiction books.

    William o. Douglas ADL First Amendment Award for “Compassionate eloquent leadership and persistent advocacy

    in the struggle for civil and human rights.

    In presenting this award in 1983, Elie Wiesel said: “ If there had been a few people like Alan Dershowitz during the 1930s and 1940s,

    the history of European Jewry might have been different.”

Maestro Jose Luis Dominguez

    Former Resident Director of the Santiago Philharmonic Orchestra (Orquesta Filarmónica de Santiago, Chile) - 2003 until 2016.

    In January 2016, awarded the Circle of Critics Award for his performances with the Symphony Orchestra of Chile.

    Principal Conductor of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra of Chile - now Principal Guest Conductor and Artistic Senior Advisor.

    He directs countless symphonic programs each year - most recently in Berlin, Cologne, Bremen, Vienna, Prague and Bratislava.

    In addition to opera, ballet and symphonic programs, he has worked on several film soundtracks.

    In 2014, his Requiem oratorio, dedicated to Fernando Rosas, creator and founder of the Foundation for Youth Orchestras of Chile,

    was premiered in Chile, followed by a performance in the main season of the Santiago Philharmonic Orchestra.

Maestro Arkadi Feldman

Chief conductor and Musical Director of The Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra, Russia.

Rabbi Jules Harlow

    Founding Editor - The Rabbinical Assembly

    Liturgist of numerous prominent prayerbooks.

    Founder of Kehilat Beit Israel in Lisbon, Portugal.

Madame Navah Harlow

    Founding Director - Center for Ethics in Medicine - Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC.

Yaacov Heller 

Globally recognized and acclaimed Sculptor, Artist, and Jewelry Designer.

Cantor Naftali Hershtik

    Dean and Director of the Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute (TACI), Former Chief Cantor of the Jerusalem Great Synagogue,

    Worldwide authority on Jewish Liturgical music. One of Cantor Leib Glantz’s most prominent students of Cantorial music.

Prof. Susannah Heschel

    Eli Black Professor of Jewish Studies, Chair of Jewish Studies Program, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.

     Fellowship at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin; Guggenheim Fellowship;

    Served as the Martin Buber visiting professor of Jewish religious philosophy at the University of Frankfurt,

    and Beirat of the Zentrum Jüdische Studien in Berlin.

       Abraham Geiger and the Jewish Jesus (University of Chicago Press) (1998).

        The Aryan Jesus: Christians and the Bible in Nazi Germany (Princeton University Press) (2008).

        Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity: Essays of Abraham Joshua Heschel, (1996).

        Betrayal: German Churches and the Holocaust (with R. Ericksen).

Maestro Elli Jaffe

   Conducted (among others):

   The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra,

   Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra,

   Israel Symphony Rishon Letzion,

   Israel Chamber Orchestra,

   The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,

   The Baltimore Symphony,

   The Liege Philharmonic Orchestra,

   The European Philharmonic in France,

   The Barcelona Orchestra,

   The Budapest Opera House,

   Vienna Chamber Orchestra,

   The Vienna Radio orchestra,

   The Mexican Philharmonic,

   The Bolshoi Theater Orchestra,

   Prague Symphony Orchestra.

   Composer of Classical Music:    

   His first Symphony “Kaddish” performed by the Israel Philharmonic

   Orchestra under his direction as with the Baltimore Symphony.

   Awarded the Jerusalem Prize for his contribution to the world of

   Jewish Music.

   Director of The Central Cantorial School in Petach-Tikva

   and the Jerusalem School for Cantorial Art.

   Director of the Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir, and the Europe-

   Israel Foundation for the Advancement of Jewish Liturgical Music.

President Hauke Jagau

President of the Region Hannover, Germany since 2006.

Madam Jennifer Jankel

Chair of London based Jewish Music Institute (JMI) Board of Trustees since 2011.

Prof. Steven T. Katz

    Alvin and Shirley Slater Chair in Jewish Holocaust Studies, Boston University.

    Former co-chair of the Academic Committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,

     Chair of the Holocaust Commission of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture,

     Academic Advisor to the Chair of the 31 countries that belong to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

     Awarded the University of Tübingen’s Lucas Prize for Holocaust studies in 1999.

     Distinguished Achievement Award for Holocaust Studies and Research by the Holocaust Education Foundation of Northwestern University. 

        The Holocaust in Historical Context, vol. 1 (1994).

        The Impact of the Holocaust on Jewish Theology (2005).

        Wrestling with God: Jewish Theological Responses During and After the Holocaust (2007).

        Elie Wiesel: Jewish, Literary, and Moral Perspectives, (Indiana University Press) (2013).

Alex Klein

    Covener and founder - European Cantors Association.

    Executive Member - The Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester, UK.

    Former head - Cantorial branch of the Jewish Music Institute (JMI), London, UK.

    Expert on Jewish Liturgical Music.

Prof. Henry F. Knight

    Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies,

    Director of the Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies at Keene State College, New Hampshire.

    Serves on the Church Relations Committee of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.

     Served as Director of the Council for Holocaust Education of Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Served two institutions as chaplain and as member of their respective departments of religion: The University of Tulsa and Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio.

        Confessing Christ in a Post-Holocaust World (Greenwood Press) (2000).

        Celebrating Holy Week in a Post-Holocaust World (Westminster John Knox Press) (2005).

        Locating God: Placing Ourselves in a Post-Shoah World," in Fire in the Ashes: God, Evil, and the Holocaust, ed. by J. Roth and D. Patterson (University of Washington)(2005).

Sebastian Koch

    German television and film actor.

    2007 Academy Award winning film ‘The Lives of Others’  - as the spied upon East German playwright Georg Dreyman.

    Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Bridge of Spies.’ 

    Costa Gavras film ‘Amen’ - that addressed the Vatican’s role regarding the Holocaust.

    Paul Verhoeven’s film ‘Black Book’ - playing a Nazi Officer who falls in love with a Jewish resistance member.

    Tom Hooper’s film ‘The Danish Girl’ - which dealt with the issue of sex reassignment surgery.

    Kai Wessel’s film ‘Fog in August - that addressed the Nazi’s euthanasia program.

    In the Showtime TV series Homeland - as billionaire philanthropist Otto During.

Cantor Abe Lubin

    President of the Cantors Assembly (1995-1997).

    Cantor Emeritus at Congregation Beth El in Bethesda, Maryland.

    Doctor of Music from The Theological Seminary of America.

    Former editor of the Journal of Synagogue Music. Author of Siddur 101.

    2009 Cantors Assembly mission to concentration camps in Poland.

    1989 Cantors Assembly mission to the Soviet Union to encourage Jewish Cantors to teach,

    conduct services, and hold discussions on musical and liturgical subjects inside the Soviet Union.

Rabbi Israel Meir Lau

    Former Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel (1993-2003); Currently Chief Rabbi of the city of Tel Aviv.

    Chairman of Yad VaShem (2008). Surviver as a small child (8) from the Buchenwald Nazi Extermination camp.

    Israel Prize Laureate (2005) for lifetime achievement and special contribution to society and the State of Israel.

       Do Not Raise a Hand Against the Boy (2000) - Hebrew memoir about his experiences in the Holocaust.

       Out of the Depths (Sterling Publishing, 2011) - English translation of the above.

Prof. Stuart Liebman

     Professor Emeritus of History and Theory of Cinema at Queens College, City University of New York.

     Published  widely on films about the Holocaust, French, German, Soviet, Czech, and American avant-garde cinema.

     Created the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

     where he conducted research for his project “The Construction of the Holocaust in Cinema, 1944-1949.”

     Claude Lanzmann's Shoah: Key Essays. editor, (Oxford University Press) (2007).     Jean Renoir: A Centenary Tribute. Persistence of Vision - editor, (1996).     Berlin, 1945: War and Rape; Liberators Take Liberties - Co-Editor w/A. Michelson, (1995).

Cantor Beny Maissner

    Chief Cantor and Music Director of Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto, Canada. Conductor and Music Director of Toronto’s Jewish Chamber Choir.          

    Executive Board of Cantors Assembly of America and VP of the American Conference of Cantors,

    Honorary Doctorate in Music from the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion.

Cantor Joseph Malovany

    Chief Cantor of Fifth Avenue Synagogue, New York City since 1973.

    Distinguished Professor of Liturgical Music at the Belz School of Jewish Music, Yeshiva University, New York.

    Rector of The Institute of Jewish Traditional Liturgical Music, Leipzig and Berlin, Germany.

    Former dean of The JDC Moscow Academy of Jewish Music.

    Internationally famous Concert Artist of Jewish Liturgical Music incorporating much of Cantor Leib Glantz’s Music.

    World authority on authentic traditional Jewish Prayer Music.

    Honorary President of the Cantorial Council of America.

    Former Chairman of the Board of The American Society for Jewish Music.

Maestro Zubin Mehta

    Founder of the Bombay Symphony Orchestra.

    Conductor of the Vienna, Berlin and Israel Philharmonic Orchestras.

    Music Director of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (1961 to 1967) and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra (1962-1978).

    Music Director of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra since 1969. Music Director of the New York Philharmonic (1978-1991).

    Chief Conductor of the Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence (1985-2017).

Prof. Robert F. Melson

    Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Purdue University, Indiana.

    Past President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS),

    and Distinguished Professor in the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University, Worcester, MA.

       False Papers (University of Illinois Press) (2000).

        Revolution and Genocide: On the Origins of the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust (University of Chicago Press) (1992/6).

       Paradigms of Genocide: The Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, and Contemporary Mass Destructions.

Prof. Paul Mojzes

    Chair of the Religious Studies and Humanities Dept. at Rosemont College, PA.

     Co-editor of The Journal of Ecumenical Studies.

     Founder and co-editor of Religion in Eastern Europe.

     Author of 17 books, among them:

        Balkan Genocides: Holocaust and Ethnic Cleansing in the Twentieth Century. Lanham, Rowman & Littlefield, 2011.

       Yugoslavian Inferno: Ethnoreligious Warfare in the Balkans. New York: Continuum, 1994.

Maestro Cantor Joseph Ness

Composer and Symphony conductor, Cantor of the Beth El Temple in West Hartford, Connecticut, since 1990. Creator and artistic director of the music of the Night’ Concert.

Prof. David Patterson

    Hillel A. Feinberg Chair in Holocaust Studies, Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies,

    University of Texas, Dallas, Texas.

      Emil L. Fackenheim: A Jewish Philosopher’s Response to the Holocaust (Syracuse University Press) (2008).

         Open Wounds: The Crisis of Jewish Thought in the Aftermath of Auschwitz (University of Washington Press)  (2006).

         Along the Edge of Annihilation: The Collapse and Recovery of Life in the Holocaust Diary (University of Washington Press) (1999).

         Sun Turned to Darkness: Memory and Recovery in the Holocaust Memoir (Syracuse University Press) (1998).

Prof. John T. Pawlikowski

     Professor of Social Ethics and Director of the Catholic-Jewish Studies Program at Bernardin Center for Theology and Ministry.

    Founding member of the Catholic Theological Union.

    Serves on the Executive Committee of the Council of the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

       Two Faiths, One Covenant  - ed. with E. Korn (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers) (2005).

        Ethics in the Shadow of the Holocaust: Christian and Jewish Perspectives - ed. with J. Banki (Sheed & Ward) (2001).

        Good and Evil After Auschwitz:  Ethical Implications for Today - ed. with J. Bemporad & J. Sievers (Ktav Publishing House) (2000).

Cantor Emanuel C. Pearlman

     Lyric tenor, composer, lecturer, recording artist, civic leader and clergyman.

     Senior Cantor at the Chizuk Amuno Congregation, Baltimore, Maryland.

     Doctorate in Music, honoris causa, from the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York

     Head of ‘Destination Peace’  - a global movement connecting people around the world through the common language of music.

         Performed with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and lectured on the life of Leonard Bernstein with revered BSO conductor Marin Alsop.

           Noted recordings: Generations:Father and Son, Face to Face, Spiritual Ambrosia (Arabesque) and Destination Peace (Cala Records).

Dr. Andre Perry

Member of the Order of Canada, widely acknowledged as a pillar of the Canadian music industry. Musician, producer, composer, recording engineer and studio designer, founding member of L’ADISQ and CIRPA. Perry created “Le Studio” (1974-1989),which hosted the world’s most popular artists including David Bowie, Sting, the Police, Keith Richards, Chicago, RUSH, Bryan Adams, Asia, Cat Stevens, and the Bee Gees.

Cantor Alisa Pomerantz-Boro

    President of The Cantors Assembly of America.

Dr. Yoel Rappel

       Founder and former director of the Elie Wiesel Archive at Boston University.

       Curator of Florida State University exhibition -

       “The life of Elie Wiesel - Before, During and After the Holocaust.”

       Author of 32 books.

          Editor of the Hebrew editions of Elie Wiesel’s books, among them:

      Memory and Awareness of the Holocaust in Israel (1998).

      Three million - The Holocaust in the U.S.S.R (2001).

      The New Face of Hatred - Anti-Semitism in the Third Millennium, 2002

      Hebrew Edition of 15 Elie Wiesel's books (2002-2013).

           Where Are My Jewish People - Collection of Elie Wiesel articles (2009).

           The Jewish Soul - Three new books of Elie Wiesel:

           The Biblical Soul,’     ‘The Talmudic Soul’ and ‘The Hasidic Soul.’

Prof. Alvin Rosenfeld

    Director, Inst. for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism, Indiana University.

    Irving M. Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington. IN.

    Special Adviser to the Chairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

       Confronting the Holocaust: The Impact of Elie Wiesel (Indiana University Press) (1979).

         The End of the Holocaust (Indiana University Press) (2011); German, Hebrew, Hungarian, and Polish translations.

         Deciphering the New Antisemitism (Indiana University Press)  (2015).

Prof. John K. Roth

    Edward J. Sexton Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College, Washington.

    Director of the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights.

    Served on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

     Chaired the Readers Committee for the Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics.

       A Consuming Fire: Encounters with Elie Wiesel and the Holocaust, (1979).

       Approaches to Auschwitz: The Holocaust and Its Legacy, (Westminster John Knox Press) (2003).

        Holocaust Politics: Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust, (Leicester University Press) (2002).

        Will Genocide Ever End? (Paragon) (2002).

Nava Semel

    Published twenty books, plays, opera libretti, poetry and screenplays. Her books translated into 12 languages.

    Her writing focuses on the second generation of Holocaust survivors in Israel.

    Her characters are native born Israelis who confront their identity issues and deal with the scars of the painful past.

    Her acclaimed novel "And the Rat Laughed" was adapted into an opera by Ella Milch-Sheriff in 2005. 

    Member of the board of directors of Massuah, the Institute for Holocaust Studies at Kibbutz Tel Yitzchak.

    Member of the Board of Governors of Yad Vashem for many years.

        Hat of Glass, focuses on the children of Holocaust survivors. (1985)  Translated into German, Italian and Romanian.

       Flying Lessons, the story of a Holocaust survivor from Tunisia who teaches an Israeli girl how to fly. (Diane Pub Co) (1995).

       And the Rat Laughed, Hebrew novel about the Holocaust, (2001), translated into German & English (Hybrid Publishers, Melbourne) (2008).

       Isra Island, Hebrew novel, (2006), translated into English (Mandel Vilar Press) (2016).

Maestro Prof. Noam Sheriff

    International composer and symphony conductor, Tel Aviv.

    Professor of Music at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, the Musikhochschule in Cologne, and the Mozarteum in Zalzburg.

    Former Director of Tel Aviv University’s Rubin Academy of Music, Director of the New Haifa Symphony Orchestra, and Music Director of the

    Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon Le-Zion. Composer of dozens of Classical Music compositions performed worldwide.

    2011 Israel Prize Laureate for life Achievement in Music.

Rabbi David Steinhardt

    Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from The Jewish Theological Seminary.

    Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.

    National board member of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs Committee (JCPA).

    Serves on the Chancellor’s Cabinet of The Jewish Theological Seminary.

    Serves on the advisory board of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.

    Senior Rabbi at B’nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton, Florida.